Will this website Shuts down their operations?

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Since ever DJ Released, A website which is popular for movie and political gossip news in Telugu also called gossip andhra started their war on DJ Duvvada Jagannadham. This website gave 2.5 rating and to justify their review keep on writing negative articles on DJ each and every day. This website started war on DJ because this site worried where DJ collections prove the strength in collections in India. Off course it didn’t do as expected in USA because of Piracy and this website under rated review.

This gossip website gone one step down and started encouraging piracy indirectly saying that good quality print available in social media. Unfortunately, some of the overseas audience follow this site blindly but, lately people started realizing that all ways this website reviews were not right. It has been proved during Shatamanam Bhavati time where this site gave only 2.75 and where it won hearts of family audience and also went up to National award level. It also become a carrier best for Sharwanand both in India as well as in USA even it released along with two other big movies. You can write your individual opinion when it released but you don’t have fight against that movie till it goes down to justify your review. You should accept if the collections proves that as it’s not a bad movie.

DJ team counter attacking on critics in their entire USA tour and asking people to not follow blindly the reviews and also have their own judgment. DJ again shows that reviews have some impact in Overseas but not much in India as in India most of them goes by mouth talk.

Yesterday this so-called this gossip andhra wrote news saying fake collections of DJ? Today director Harish Shankar released area wise collections in Nizam and quoted as first Rs.20 Cr film Allu Arjun in Nizam and 2nd Rs.20 Cr film for Harish Shankar in Nizam being Gabber Singh is the first one.

He also challenged if any website (mainly here gossip Andhra only) prove that collections are wrong then he is ready to quit the direction or they should shut down their website.

Will gossip Andhra react to this one? Will they should down their website or prove that collections are wrong?

What do you say gossip Andhra? Can you really take up this challenge? We should wait and see.

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