World Famous Lover Live Review

Tollywood Rowdy hero Vijay Devarakonda is all set to entertain the audience with his forthcoming flick World Famous Lover. The film touted to be a emotional entertainer is directed by Kranthi Madhav. Let us wait to see how well the film impresses the audience in theaters on the 14th of February.

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MyFirstShow Live Review Rating: 2.5/5

Final Report: The second half goes for a toss. Too many tracks with not much relevance to the main story spoiled the flow of the film. The director tried to join the dots in the end but it was too late as the audience is exhausted. The performances are the mainstay of the film. Vijay Deverakonda excels as Gautham and Seenayya. Raashi Khanna, Aishwarya Rajesh deliver commendable performances. Izabelle and Catherine didn’t have much to do. The music by Gopi Sundar couldn’t heighten the emotional impact of the film. The film is too long with unnecessary dragging which the editor should have taken care of. Other technical departments and production values are decent. The film might ring a bell with hardcore Vijay Deverakonda fans but for others, World Famous Lover is just a long soulless watch without much entertainment. Deverakonda misses the bus again.

Punchline: Not as famous as Arjun Reddy

7:21 AM: After some intense drama, the film ends on a happy note. THE END.

7:05 AM: The movie takes a 2-year jump and due to a fight Vijay ends up in jail and gets released later. He becomes famous as his book World Famous Lover turns out to be a huge hit.

6:59 AM: Vijay trying to convince Raashi to comeback to him.

6:50 AM: The movie shifts back to real world. Time for Mana Kadha song between Raashi and Vijay.

6:38 AM: Due to a mistake of Vijay, Izabelle loses her eye sight. Vijay donates his eyes to her. 

6:23 AM: Izabelle Leite is introduced as an air hostess.

6:19 AM: Time for Comasava paris Song

6:15 AM: The movie shifts to Paris as Gautham starts writing another stoy about a Radio station owner.

First Half Report: The film starts off on a very interesting note. The story of Yamini and Gautham and their strained relationship strikes a chord with the audience. The director has handled this part with maturity. But the imaginary story of Seenayya and his wife Aishwarya Rajesh isn’t too captivating as it lacks novelty. The second half has to be exceptionally good for this Lover to get love from the audience.

6:01 AM: The first half comes to an end with some heart breaking drama between Raashi and Vijay. Interval.

5:49 AM: Aishwarya tries to become independent as she is well educated. Seenu slowly realizes his mistake and comes back to her. The movie shifts its focus to real world. 

5:41 AM: Aishwarya catches Seenu two-timing her with Catherine. Time for Raleti song. 

5:25 AM: Seenayya’s relationship with his wife gets strangled due to his closeness with Catherine.

5:12 AM: Catherine Tresa enters as the officer in the coal mines. Seenayya starts getting close to her. Time for Boggu Ganilo song that shows the beauty of coal mines.

5:05 AM: Out of anger and frustration he starts writing an imaginary story of a coal miner named Seenayya in Yellandu played by Vijay again. Aishwarya Rajesh is his wfe whom he doesn’t like much.

4:49 AM: Yamini breaks up with Gautham due to his joblessness and the story shifts to flashback about how their love story started. 

4:40 AM: Vijay plays Gautham who is a struggling writer and is in a live-in relationship with Yamini played Raashi Khanna.

4:35 AM: Vijay is in a jail and narrating his story.

4:30 AM: Showtime Vijay Deverakonda’s #WorldFamousLover