Writer Roles Getting Flopped in Tollywood

Tollywood is a strange place where superstitions are as important as the script of a movie. So if something is going good everyone jumps on to adopt and if something goes wrong everyone starts evading it.

Now there’s a new superstition running in the Tollywood circles. No film should have a lead actor playing the role of a writer or else the movie is bound to get flopped. Vijay Deverakonda played the role of a writer in his latest film ‘World Famous Lover’ and it turned out to be his career’s biggest flop. Similarly, a few months back Nani delivered a resounding flop with the movie Gang Leader where he too played the role of an upcoming writer. In spite of being directed by someone as creative as Vikram Kumar the film bombed.

So Tollywood is going to stay away from scripts where the lead actor is a writer, at least for some time!