Yamaho Yama Review

Yamaho Yama Review

Movie : Yamaho Yama

Rating :1.5/5

Director : Y. Jitender


Behind the screens

Sai Ram Shankar and Jitender who are in search of hits are coming with tried and tested formula enacting God of Death,’Yama’ on silver screen, praying ‘Yamaho Yama’ today. Let us see whether Yama who presented many hits on silver screen presented one to the duo.

Story Line

Yama(Srihari) wife feel saddened by the fact that her husband doesn’t have any devotees while all other Gods have many. When she questions her husband, he says it’s against nature to have devotees for him. However they were surprised when Balu(Sai Ram Shankar) starts worshipping him and reaches America under certain circumstances. 

In the midst of all this Yama’s wife is pained at their devotee Balu making his livelihood by cheating people and asks Yama to bring change in him with a warning that she would leave him,if he don’t follow his request.Whether Yama is successful in fulfilling his wife’s wishes brining change in Balu and what is the secret behind Balu worshipping Yama has to be unravelled in theatres.

Star Shine

Sai Ram Shankar tried his best to attract people and he looked OK in the role. Srihari failed to live up to the expectations as Yama unable to bring in the required expressions. Parvathi Melton is big minus for the film. Even Siva Reddy’s comedy failed to evoke laughter from viewers. Others tried to evoke some response from viewers.


Jitender who is directing his second venture after tasting flop with his debut film, failed to learn from his mistakes. He failed in all aspects with his mediocre knowledge in handling the 64 arts. This is reflected in the story narration, script and screenplay. He lacked clear cut ideas how to direct the film and failed to extract performance from the stars.


Entire technical team is substandard and failed collectively. Mahati’s music is below standards and same is the case with Bharani’s cinematography and Venkatesh’s editing.  

Movie Marks

Yama for the first time failed to shake box office and the fault lies with the film makers.

Producer : G. Vijay Kumar
Writter : Y. Jitender
Sairam Shankar,
Parvati Melton,
Music : Mahathi
Cinematographer : Bharani K Dharan
Editing : Marthand K. Venkatesh
Distributor: GVK Arts


Yamaho Yama Review
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