Yamudiki Mogudu movie Review

Movie :              Yamuduki Mogudu

Rating :             3/5

 Director :          E. Sattibabu


Behind the screens:
Allari Naresh who scored a hit with Sudigadu came as ‘Yamudiki Mogudu’ today in a grand manner. Richa Panai is making her debut in Tollywood while E.Satti Babu is directing this venture. Music is given by Koti. The film attracted immense attention since the film is titled after Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s super hit,and also a remix of Chiranjeevi song included. Let us see how Naresh entertained as Yamudiki Mogudu

Story Line
Naresh (Naresh) born with super powers can not complete even inter and will be always chided by his parents for his inefficiency and his only love for stage shows. During that show he will be coming in touch with Yamaja(Richa Panai). She will be smitten by Naresh and though Naresh is reluctant he was forced to allow her in his house. Later he finds to his surprise that Yamaja is the daughter of God of Death Yama(Shayaji Shinde). What happens next should be enjoyed on silver screen.

Star Shine
Naresh came up with another entertaining performance. His comedy timing is perfect and he exceled in dances also. Richa Panai his beautiful and gorgeous and she gave glamor treat. She will be flooded with offers for her glamor show though she did not get opportunity to show her acting talent. Shayaji Shinde in the role of Yama did well in his own style and one should not compare his performance with others who donned the role earlier. Master Bharat suited well in the role of Yama’s son while Ramya Krishna as Yama’s wife sizzled in remix along with Naresh and Richa.

Director E.Sattibabu did prepare good storyline and the film’s first half takes off in hilarious manner. However the predictable storyline and lack of pace in the second half and lack of romantic angle undid the film. Songs are quite good to watch and Richa’s glamor spellbound movie lovers. Second half except for two comedy scenes did not take off as expected and the climax reminds that of earlier films.

Production Values of Friendly Movies banner are quite good. Cinematography of Ravindra Babu is quite good but Editing by Gautam Raju could have been a bit better in the second half. Kranti Reddy’s dialogues are quite good but suddenly his power gone missing. 

Final Talk
Allari Naresh emerged successful as Yamudiki Mogudu in entertaining movie loves. Family viewers can enjoy the film to the core.A better second half would have been made a better movie. Overall OK to watch one time if  you like Allari Naresh mark entertainment.

Directed : E. Satti Babu
Producer : Chanti Addala
Writter : Kranti Reddy Nakinaala
Screenplay : E. Satti Babu
Story : Jaya Siddu


Allari Naresh
Richa Panai
Sayaji Shinde
Ramya Krishna
Music : Koti
Cinematography : Ravindra Babu
Editor : Gautham Raju
Studio : Friendly Movies

Release date(s)     December 28, 2012