Ye Mantram Vesave Review

Movie: Ye Mantram Vesave

Rating: 2/5

Story, Screenplay, and Direction: Shridhar Marri

Behind the Screens:
Ye Mantram Vesave is Vijay Deverakonda’s much-delayed film and is finally releasing today. The actor who is on a high with the success of Arjun Reddy even disassociated with the film and stood away from its promotions. Let us see how the movie has fared with the audience.

Nikhil (Vijay Deverakonda) is a Computer Games Addict who is totally detached from the Real World. He happens to meet Raga Malika (Shivani Singh) on Facebook and try to befriend her. But she asks him to play a game which will have clues to find her address. Rest of the story is all about the journey of Nikhil who leaves his Computer Behind for her.

Star Shine:
Vijay Deverakonda looks good in the film and performs well. Even though the character does not have much scope, he manages to impress. Shivani Singh does not have the glamour of a heroine but performed well. Rest of the characters are okay. In fact, we do not find any recognizable face in the remaining cast, understandable for a small movie.

The movie has okayish Technical Values. The storyline is good and suits the current generation of youth. The screenplay is also okay but for some reason, the script is best suited to make a short film. Music by Abdus Samad and Camera work by Shiva Reddy are okay. Dharmendra Kakarla’s editing should have been better.

The story has a novel factor and the screenplay is also good but the director Sridhar Marri failed to execute the script well. Budget restraints also seem to have cornered the director. We get a feeling that we are watching some amateurish short film on our Personal Computer. The movie has got an ordinary start and picks pace with the heroine’s entry. The search for her address is interesting and the climax part is disappointing. A bit of more work on the script execution and better production values could have helped the movie a lot.

Movie Marks:
Ye Mantram Vesave – Bad Execution with No mantram or magic!

Cast: Vijay Deverakonda, Shivani Singh and Others

Music: Abdus Samad

Cinematography: Shiva Reddy

Editing: Dharmendra Kakarla

Production Company: Golisoda Films

Release date: March 9th, 2018