Yedu Chepala Katha Movie Review

Yedu Chepala Katha Review - File Photo

Movie: Yedu Chepala Katha

Rating: 0.5/5

Director: Sam J Chaitanya

Behind Screens:

When the trailer of Yedu Chepala Katha was released last year it created a huge furor all over social media and trade. The kind of sexuality and explicit scenes the trailer portrayed, it was beyond a sensation. The hormone-driven youth was waiting to watch this erotic saga on the Big Screen. But the film got stuck with censors for many months. And after many revisions, the film has finally made it to the theaters. Let us see if the film ‘satisfies’ the cravings of the desperate common audience.


The film is about two individuals Ravi (Abhishek) and Sundaram (Suneel Kumar). Ravi is fed up of having sex with various women and Sundaram is desperate and dying to have sex. What happens in the life of these two idiots and the women in their life forms the story.


Abhishek as the main lead has done a decent job. He has good comic timing but he is not someone who suits playing lead roles. Bhani Sri gets a meaty role and she performs well. Ayesha Singh as the main female lead is just about okay. Suneel Kumar irritates as the villain and his performance is cringe-worthy. Others were just functional with nothing to rave about as most of them were unknown faces.


This is a B-grade film where the music, editing, cinematography all are sub-standard according to the low budget. Some of the dialogues are good though.


No one will enter the theaters playing Yedu Chepala Katha expecting a rich cinematic experience or great storytelling. The only thing the audience expects from this film is SLEAZE which the trailer promised. But sadly, the censors have been ruthless and all the scenes have been cut. Even short films on YouTube offer more masala than this film. The revised version of the film which has released is a very boring, traumatic experience for the viewer. If there was enough of eroticism shown, no one would have bothered about story and screenplay. But since the sex factor has gone for a toss after the censor cuts, the viewer is forced to follow the story. The film tries to be a psychological, paranormal erotic thriller but fails on all accounts. The film is nothing but torture for 2 hours with no redeeming points. The film has got sensational openings in Telugu states because of the trailer but the audience will be heavily disappointed with the content. In spite of being a very bad film, the film would have been a hit at the box office if the sleaze factor had worked, but alas!

Movie Marks:

Yedu Chepala Katha: Not Lust but Worst Stories!

Cast: Abhishek, Ayesha Singh, Bhanu Sri, Suneel Kumar, and others.

Produced by: GVN Sekhar Reddy

Language: Telugu language

Release Date 7th November 2019