Young Hero Looking For Special Mileage In Charity

He is a young hero who has attained huge stardom in a small pan. Not only in Tollywood he also had good fame in Bollywood also. The actor has a good fan base, especially youngsters, fell in love with his attitude and kind heart. He always has this habit of helping people and doing the needful. But on a shocking note, the Young lad remained silent during the spread of deadly Corona Virus. The actor hasn’t even donated a single penny to either PM Relief Fund or to CM Relief Funds this has shocked many.

As per our close source, the actor remained silent as he is not getting any fresh ideas to get special mileage from this charity. The PR team, who usually comes up with innovative ideas, is now breaking its heads to come up with a plan that could make the hero great again. Doing charity in a creative way is not a mistake, but waiting for the innovative idea at this time is defiantly a mistake.