Which young hero showing stars with his attitude?

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Attending public events and grabbing media attention is very important for actors to sustain in the Film industry. The actors will vanish if they have been neglected by media. However it’s not for star heroes but for young heroes, it’s very important to grab media attention. So many young heroes will not miss any chance to grab attention. But here is one young hero who is two films old is completely avoiding public events.

The actor who came from a family with a good background in the industry is showing his attitude to attend public event. Actually, he is expecting remuneration to attend the public events which is shocking industry biggies. Not only outsiders, he also showing stars to his close aids with his attitude.

However, it is not a good sign for a young hero who hasn’t scored even one commercial hit near box-office. Do you want to know who this young hero was here is the clue. His recent film which was released in huge expectations has bombed at box-office compared to trade. In this film, he acted with a debutant actress. He has also done so many stunts in this film. Now Guess who the actor is?

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